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Longniddry Attractions

East Lothian

Longniddry Village

East Lothian

Longniddry East Lothian is a large area on the east coast of Scotland and is dominated by Gosford House pleasure grounds and polices an large estate that is surrounded by a high wall more than 5 miles in length.

The area has had many castles and large houses over the centuries of which three still remain.

Longniddry is a village that stands next to the Gosford Estate and has a rail station which is on the Edinburgh to North Berwick route. In 1917 the Scottish Rural Women's Institutes was founded in Longniddry.

There has been a number of famous people live here, Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Macdiarmid, Molly Hunter

and Ronnie Corbett. Longniddry area has two very good golf Courses, Longniddry and Craigielaw.

Longniddry Village East Lothian

Ballencrieff Castle


East Lothian

Ballencrieff Castle was built in 1586   by John Murray of Blackbarony. In 1617 his brother Sir Gideon Murray, becomes the owner and renovates and extends the Castle. It then is passed on to 1622 –Patrick Murray son of Gideon. Who was later to become Lord Elibank. When Lord Elibank died in 1649 he was laid to rest in the Elibank Aisle, in Aberlady Kirk.

In 1743 – Patrick, 5th Lord Elibank, transforms Ballencrieff into a substantial Georgian mansion, with the original Ballencrieff Castle as the main part of the mansion. 1778 George Murray becomes 6th Lord Elibank. He is the last Lord Elibank to be born and to die at Ballencrieff Castle. His nephew Alexander, 7th Lord Elibank inherited the Castle but did not live there and it fell into ruin after a fire in 1868. In 1989 it was purchased by Peter Laing Gillies and Lin Dalgleish who have restored the Castle which took them circa 8 years to complete.

The original remains of the Ballencrieff Castle are on the left of the image below.

Ballencrieff Castle Longniddry East Lothian

Redhouse Castle


East Lothian

Redhouse Castle was on the land of the Douglas Family who were the land owners from circa 1470 until 1650 when the lands passed to the Winton estate. The Castle fell into disrepair circa 1746 when the lands were forfeited due to the owners being English Government supporters. Redhouse Castle was built circa 1590 John Laing, the Keeper of the Signet as a Tower House and was later extended into a L shape.

The inscription of initials are of​​​​​​​​​​​​ M.I.L Master John Laing and his wife R.D Rebecca Dennistoun

​Above the door an inscription reads: MIL NISI . DOMINVS . FRUSTRA . R D

Redhouse Castle Tower Longniddry East Lo
Redhouse Castle.Longniddry East Lothian
Redhouse Castle (Door) East Lothian


Beaches and Coast

There are two roads along the east coast the high road and the low road (not the song) the high road, North Berwick Road A198 and the low road B1348 taking the low road, the coast road, you will have access to Longniddry Bents 1,2, and 3 with Longniddry Beach. This is joined after Aberlady on the high road at Gosford Estate wall.

Longniddry Beach East Lothian
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