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Wanlockhead Leadhills

Wanlockhead Village

Dumfries and Galloway,

ML12 6UT

Wanlockhead village has been mentioned in history as far back, when the Romans mined the

​lead for their armour and weapons.

There are two villages over 450 meters up the hills of the Southern Uplands of Scotland, at a distance 2 miles apart and the reason for where they are situated can be explained by the rich variety of minerals to be found in the area of Wanlockhead and Leadhills which became known as "God's Treasure House in Scotland".

The area has produced some of the world's purest gold (22.8 carats)

which was used in the making of the Honours of Scotland (Scottish Crown Jewels) circa 1540.

Wanlockhead Village Scotland
Wanlockhead Highest Village Sign


​The Highest Village in Scotland

 Wanlockhead is set in the Lowther Hills with summits of 2,400 feet and views of southern Scotland including the Mennock Pass were it starts its descent following the Mennock Burn,

offering views of Scotland's famous scenery.

Wanlockhead Bridge Burn

The Wanlockhead Lochnell mine opened in 1710 and see the conditions the miners had to work in.

The Wanlockhead Miners' subscription Library established in 1756, is one of the most important Libraries in Europe with books of the greats like Sir Walter Scott.

Lochnell Mine Wanlockhead Scotalnd
Lead Mine in Wanlockhead

Visit Wanlockhead

Spend the day looking for gold, where the gold for the Scottish Crown Jewels were mined.

Walk around Wanlockhead Village at 1531 feet (461m) above sea level a village that less than 170 people live and work. Wanlockhead has the highest Pub in Scotland Wanlockhead Inn 1531 feet (461m) above sea level

Wanlockhead has the highest residential hotel in Scotland, sitting 1297 feet above sea level.

Take a guided tour of the village and go into a real lead mine where people would work the mine face.

Wanlockhead Visitor Centre and Museum.

The Wanlockhead Miners' subscription Library

The Wanlockhead Miners' subscription Library established in 1756, is one of the most important Libraries in Europe with books of the greats like Sir Walter Scott. 

Robert Reid Poet born in 1850 immigrated to Montreal Canada in 1877.

Wanlockhead Library Plaques

Panning For Gold

Wanlockhead village

Pan for gold in the nearby Wanlockhead streams. 

I have mined for gold and it was a great day out

In the Wanlockhead museum learn about the area and see many of the minerals taken from the hills.

Panning for Gold Wanlockhead Scotland
Wanlockhead Gold Nuggets

Leadhills Graveyard

The village of Leadhills has produced many important people and a grave of possibly the oldest lived person in the world at the age of 147 years. ​ John Taylor The world’s longest lived man at 133, his son's grave is inscribed

that he was 147 years old when he died. John Taylor was born in Alston in Cumbria in 1637. Lived and worked as a miner in Scotland till retirement in 1752 at 114 years. 

World's Oldest man Grave
Tomb Stone of John Taylor's Son

William Symington 

Leadhills Village

William Symington (1763 - 1831) was the inventor of steamboats, the first boat powered by steam was in 1788 the engine for which was built at the Old Manse, Wanlockhead.

Symington Obelisk Leadhills

Leadhills Railway

Britain's Highest Narrow Gauge Railway

Leadhills is the home for Britain's highest narrow gauge railway, reaching 1,498 feet above sea level.

There is also a museum and shop. Trips on the train take about 30 minutes. 

Leadhills Golf Club Highest golf course at 1394 feet above sea level

Narrow Gauge Railway Leadhill's Village

Wanlockhead Day Out 

Visit Carlops, West Linton, Biggar, Leadhills and Wanlockhead

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