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Whitekirk Attractions

East Lothian

Whitekirk is a small village with long history that stands between North Berwick and East Linton in East Lothian.

The Village of Whitekirk has been mentioned since the 8th century by St Balbred. There has been pilgrimages to White chapel (Whitekirk), through the centuries and housing built to house the travelers (Pilgrims) circa 1100, all due to the powers of the Holy well some say St Baldred's Well. Kings were regular visitors and nobles and a Pope also visited. 

Whitekirk. East Lothian Info Board

Whitekirk Church

East Lothian

Whitekirk Church was modernised in circa 1440 (from wood to stone) and has not changed from the exterior, inside was destroyed by fire in 1914, said to be by the suffragette movement. The interior was restore in the following years and still remains the same today.

Whitekirk Parish Church East Lothian


War Memorial

A war memorial was erected in 1920 after the church was restored. The memorial stands in the churchyard of the outside the church. This war Memorial is dedicated to the memory of the 29 soldiers from the Whitekirk and Tyninghame parish who lost their lives in the Great War.

Whitekirk War Memorial Whitekirk East Lothian

Tithe Barn


East Lothian

The hostel built in mid 1500 for the pilgrims was converted to tower house, little of which remains but what is known as the Tithe Barn built from stone of pilgrims houses still remains. A tithe Barn was were farmers stored the tithes.  Tithe was a tenth of a farm's produce which was given to the church.

Whitekirk Tithe Barn East Lothian
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