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Drem Attractions

East Lothian

Drem Village

Drem has a rail station which services Archerfield and Gullane and Dirleton where an old ancient Castle Stands.

RAF Drem is nearby and was used in both World Wars as a landing area for Home Defence aerocraft.

Drem Village East Lothian

St John's Chapel Ruins

St John's Chapel now part of Drem House garden was built circa 1350 for the Knight s Templar. All that remains are ruins of the walls which are still visible.  

St John's Chapel Ruin Drem East Lothian

Chesters Hill Fort

Chesters Hill Fort is the remains of one of the best Iron Age Forts in the country.  Built circa 800 BC it has a formation of ramparts and moats and believed to be one of the largest found. 

Drem Airfield & Museum

Drem airfield opened in 1915 as West Fenton Aerodrome with a change of name 3 years later to Gullane Aerodrome and in 1939 then incorporated into the Royal Air Force as RAF Drem. In the first World War an American squadron was based here and in the World War II 602 Spitfire squadron was based her and the Royal Australian Air Force had a squadron here also. Drem airfield closed as a station in 1946,

There is an RAF museum at the present airfield. There are many that fell in the wars at rest in Drem cemetery.

Drem Airfield Information Board.East Lot

Dirleton Village Cemetery

War Graves 

In this small graveyard are the graves of World War casualties that served at RAF Drem. They came from all parts of the world, RAF UK, New Zealand,  South African, Canada and Australia, all have members interned in the Dirleton Graveyard not far from where they served during the World War at Drem Airfield.   

Drem Boar Stone

East Lothian

The (Boar Stone) or stone pillar cross shaft was has no known history, but is thought to have been a marker for where a wild Boar was slain. 

Drem Boar Stone East Lothian
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