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East Saltoun Attractions

East Lothian

Saltoun Hall

East Saltoun East Lothian

Saltoun Hall the De Morville family became owners of the lands of Saltoun circa 1140 with the original Saltoun Tower which over the centuries has been added to and changed hands from De Morville family to Abernathy family (1260) to Fletcher family circa (1640).  Saltoun Hall was divided into apartments circa 1970. When the Fletcher family converted the Stable Court for their own use as a house.

Saltoun Castle Pencaitland East Lothian

Fletcher Fountain

East Saltoun East Lothian

The Fletcher family became owners of the lands and Barony of Saltoun in 1643. Andrew Fletcher (Lord Milton) was a commissioner in the last Scottish Parliament (1707), he was also commissioner of Haddingtonshire in 1678-1707.  Andrew was born in Saltoun in 1655. Andrew was a writer and author a a number of books but was chiefly a politician.

Fletcher Clan Crest: A  bloodhound on a Helmet , with Griffins on each side and a shield in the center.

Fletcher Clan Motto: Dieu Pour nous (God for us).

The Drinking fountain is a memorial to John Fletcher of Saltoun (1827-1903) erected in 1804. 

Fletcher Coat of Arms Fletcher Fountain
Fletcher Fountain Inscription East Saltoun
Fletcher Fountain East Saltoun.

Saltoun Church

East Saltoun East Lothian

The first church in the area was dedicated to the Archangel St Michael circa 1240. This present Church building was built 1805. The Plaque outside the church reads: Andrew Fletcher Saltoun 1655 - 1716 

The Stone Tablet in memory of Andrew Fletcher


Lord Innerpeffer Andrew Fletcher Esq. The Patriot

Lord Milton

This Spire was erected by Gen Fletcher-Campbell

As a monument to the virtue of his ancestors and an example

For their posterity to imitate Saltoun 1805

East Saltoun Parish Church East Lothian

 East Saltoun Smithy

East Saltoun East Lothian

The East Saltoun Smithy (Blacksmiths) built circa 1790 on the site of a previous smithy. 

Old Smithy East Saltoun East Lothian

Fletcher the Patriot 

Andrew Fletcher born in Saltoun, 1653 was The Patriot, statesman, political writer. He believed Scotland should be a truly independent nation with power vested in Parliament not in a monarchy in London. 

Andrew Fletcher should be remembered for his struggle to retain independence for his country.  About Andrew Fletcher, Sir Walter Scott said “one of the best patriots whom Scotland has produced in any age.”

Andrew Fletcher died in London, 1716.  He is buried in the crypt of East Saltoun Kirk.

Fletcher the Patriot Plaque East Saltoun
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