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Outlander Edinburgh Lothians

Outlander has been one of the success stories of the last few years.

 Outlander a time traveling love story with the main characters Claire and Jamie

Take a look at the places in Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian

that have been seen throughout the series.

On the next page are the Outlander places in the rest of Scotland.

See the Google map of Scotland with all the Film Locations on button below 

Outlander Edinburgh

Signet Library Edinburgh

Outlander’s Season 3

The stunning interior of the Signet Library was the Governor’s Mansion in Jamaica.

The library is home to the prestigious Society of Writers to her Majesty’s Signet which dates back to the 15th century. The ‘writers’ of documents sealed them with ‘the Signet’, the private seal of the Scottish kings


Bakehouse Close Edinburgh

Outlander’s Season 3

Bakehouse Close, where Jamie’s Print Shop and saw Claire reunited with Jamie after years of separation.


Acheson House Canongate

Outlander season 3

The exterior of Acheson House in Bakehouse Close was Madame Jeanne’s Brothel

Madame Jeanne is partners with Jamie's smuggling business. Jamie has a room in her brothel for business.


Tweeddale Court Edinburgh

Outlander’s Season 3 & 4

The market where Claire is reunited with Fergus was filmed in Tweeddale Court.


Craigmillar Castle Edinburgh

Outlander’s Season 3

Craigmillar Castle featured as Ardsmuir Prison, where Jamie was incarcerated in season three.



Outlander's season 3

The lecture theatre in Summerhall was filmed were Claire meets Joe Abernathy at the start of their medical studies.


Midhope Castle Hopetoun Estate    

Outlander season 1, 2, 3 & 4

Lallybroch Castle is Jamie Fraser’s own “north-facing tower”, his clan’s ancestral home

Walk down the path in the footsteps of Claire and Jamie. Midhope Castle a ruin of a 16th-century tower house.

Midhope Castle UNDER RENOVATION, the Midhope Castle filming locations for Outlander are exterior shots only.


Hopetoun House South Queensferry   

Outlander’s Season 1, 2, & 3

Hopetoun House, doubled as the stately home of the Duke of Sandringham in season one;

Provided the backdrop for Parisian streets, the spare room in Jamie and Claire’s Paris apartment,

The Hawkins Estate in season two and Ellesmere and the stables at Helwater in season three.

Abercorn Church Hopetoun Estate

Outlander season 4

Where Frank is buried in Boston. Bree at Frank’s grave after his car crash. 

Outlander Midlothian

Arniston House Midlothian

Outlander’s Season 4

Doubled as both the theatre entrance and lobby where Jamie and Claire attended a play in Wilmington

With Governor Tryon, and where Claire’s medical skills saved Edward Fanning’s life.


Flotterstone near Penicuik, part of the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

Season 1

Cocknammon Rock, where Heughan and his men clash with the English.

The scenery of the Pentlands south of Edinburgh are magnificent.


Glencorse Old Kirk Midlothian 

Outlander’s Season 1

Glencorse Old Kirk where Claire and Jamie married in the grounds of Glencorse House

at the foothills of the Pentland Hills,


Roslin Glen

Outlander season 1

Roslin Glen Gunpowder Mill, you can find the place where Jamie, Claire, Rupert, Murtagh,

and Angus stop to water their horses.

Outlander East Lothian

The Mart, East Linton

Outlander season 5

The Mart is Wilmington Fight Club. Crowd gathered to gamble on a fight between two women who are in dispute.

The re-introduction to Stephen Bonnet. Bonnet meets Niall Forbes by a mutual acquaintance.

A gory duel to follow.


Gosford House East Lothian

Outlander’s Season 2 & 3

The grounds that surround mansion doubled as the Palace of Versailles in France in season two

Also Helwater and Ellesmere in season three.

The house is only open for visiting on certain days.  Check before you travel.

Private tours can also be arranged in advance.


Preston Mill East Lothian

Outlander’s Season 1

Preston Mill and Phantassie Do’cot – one of the oldest working, water-driven meal mills in Scotland.

It provided the backdrop for a number of scenes during the Jacobite Uprisings.


Tyninghame Beach (Ravensheugh Sands)

Outlander Season 5

Claire and Bree face Bonnet, and Roger fights and betters the pirate.


Seacliffe Beach

Outlander season 5

A fun mother-and-daughter shell-gathering, whale-watching and beach-racing day turned into a nightmare.


Newhailes House

Outlander Season 4

Newhailes House doubled as Governor Tryon’s home in North Carolina, where Jamie met to discuss business

And when Jamie and Claire were introduced to Wilmington Society.

Outlander West Lothian

Linlithgow Palace Linlithgow

Outlander’s Season 1

The entrance and corridors of this palace were used as

Wentworth Prison where Jamie was imprisoned.


Blackness Castle

Outlander’s Season 1 & 2

The 15th century fortress provided the setting for the Fort William headquarters of Black Jack Randall,

Also featuring in the heart-wrenching scene of Jamie’s incarceration.


Beecraigs Country Park West Lothian

Outlander’s Season 4

Beecraigs 913-acre Country Park doubled as the North Carolina wilderness which Jamie and Claire rode through after leaving River Run. On the journey through the forest, they became separated during a thunder storm and Claire was haunted by the ghost of Otter-Tooth.


Muiravonside Country Park Linlithgow

Outlander’s Season 2

Located between Linlithgow and Falkirk, the park was a backdrop to the dramatic Battle of Prestonpans,

Doubled as a British encampment and the English countryside.

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