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Leaderfoot Bridges

Scottish Borders


The magnificent structure that crosses the river Tweed is the Drygrange Viaduct a nineteen span, single track railway viaduct. Which was built in 1865 the 19 sandstone arches measures 40 feet (13m) span.

The highest pillar is 114 feet tall above the water level.

leaderfoot viaduct Scottish Borders


Drygrange Bridge, at Leaderfoot was built circa 1778. A 4-span rubble bridge which was an engineering first when it was built. This was the original crossing for the main A68 road which takes you to England. This was thought to have been built where an old roman bridge stood and before that a ferry crossing.


The New Drygrange Bridge was opened in 1973 to carry the A68 highway over the River Tweed just up from the conflux with the Leader Water.

Old and New Drygrange Bridges

The river runs from west to east

Roads south to north

From bank to bank three bridges span

Three centuries worth

Leaderfoot bridges block story

Before these the fly-boat brae

led down to its ferry

near the ghost-line of the roman way

on the outward journey

builders pay attention to the piers

so the arch can spring

taking you far from what you see

to what you’re not yet seeing

salmond sandstone pillar rise

above leaderfoot

the meeting of the two singing streams

by leafy Ravenswood

Leaderfoot bridges Story
Leaderfoot bridges story
Leaderfoot bridges story

for when the Tweed is running high

from wintery moor and moss

Old Drygrange Bridge is standing here

to carry you across.

Leaderfoot bridges Story

 River Tweed Scottish Borders

The River Tweed, depicts the Border between Scotland and England.

The River Tweed is 97 miles (156 km) long and flows west to east across the Scottish Borders into England.

At one time there were hundreds of mills that used the rivers power to manufacture cloth.

The most famous thing linked to the River Tweed is Salmon, generating vast income for the local region.

It is one of the best Salmon fishing rivers in Scotland.

River Tweed Scottish Borders
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