Forth Boat Tour

Edinburgh Islands

Forth Boat Tours is a great way to spend a few hours or a day cruising the firth of forth in a boat.

Tour around the islands of the Forth in one of many different types of boats.

The best way to get around the islands is with a locol Captain in a boat for up to 10 passengers. There are larger boats that can take up to 225 passengers (a bit crowded). 

The local captain knows all the places to see the Seals and Dolphins and on occasion Whales.

A bespoked Tour will give you all the sights, Islands, wildlife.

The Forth Boat Tour of the islands can include a landing, where you can explore the island and get close to the wildlife and any historic ruins as all the islands have a story and some are owned by famous people.

Edinburgh Island Tours East Lothian

Islands in the Forth Estuary

see all the islands and their history

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Islands of the forth

East Lothian Islands

North Berwick and Dunbar Boat Tours

There are many islands in the River Forth below are 11 islands and a short history.

For more details and to see them close up with the added attractions of seals, Dolphins, whales, many different sea birds like Puffins and Gannets go on a boat tour. You can even land on some of the islands  where people used to live.